santa tell me.

Feeling Christmas all around
And I’m trying to play it cool
But it’s hard to focus when I see you walking around the room
Let it snow, it’s blasting now
But I won’t get in the mood
I’m avoiding every mistletoe until I know
It’s true love that he thinks of
So next Christmas
I’m not all alone, boy

Body – Legacy
Mesh Head – LeLutka, Fleur
Eyes – A.D.D. Andel, 2808
Skin – Pink Fuel (Coming Soon)
Hair – Stealthic, Always
Lingerie – Pawesome, Layla’s

dust bunny & con . tinsel living room . christmas tree
+Half-Deer+ Christmas Garland – Traditional – Curved with Tails

baby you’re worth it

I’m not so perfect
Baby yeah, you worth it….

On Her –
Body – Legacy
Mesh Head – LeLutka, Fleur
Hair – Wasabi Pills x ItGirls, Valley
Dress – Pawesome, Cozy Dress (Available at The Winter Spirit Event on December 12th)
Shoes – Reign, Fluffeh Flip Flops

On Him –
Body – Belleza
Mesh Head – LeLutka, Skyler
Hair – Stealthic, Rebellion
Hoodie – Cold Ash, Carson
Joggers – GB, Layered Sweatpants

It’s a lot, if you want to know specific pieces, ask.

Rebirth Eden Mesh Body – Review

Rebirth. It’s a brand I’ve seen a few times at IBTC and was genuinely curious about. A body that combines not only male and female shape options…. but also offers teen/kid versions? Now that is something I had to try for myself.

I was pensive going into this due to the fact that it offers teen/kid versions so I messaged the creator to get a feel for the brand and what it was about. Angie Forever, the brainsmith behind Rebirth was a delight to talk to. She urged me to visit the mainstore and showed me the different versions of the bodies on their in store models and answered the many questions I had regarding the body. When I finally grabbed the demo and tried it out a bit, I was shocked. This body, is game changing in SL. A body that with simple shape changes can be Male, Female, Teen, Kid? Now that is something that is going to be amazing for those who want to reduce the amount of bodies they have in their inventory. If you were a creator who made clothing for those body types, imagine how amazing it would be to only have to change a shape?

A few REALLY neat things about this body:

  • It’s BOM only, that means you will need to use alphas. But, it enables you to use standard size meshes or even play around with meshes geared towards other bodies. Of course your mileage may vary.
  • The feet! Omg the feet. These are not the standard different shape mesh feet you see currently. You click a button in the HUD and the foot FLEXES to that shape. How genius is that?! It’s disturbingly yet amazingly realistic and I love it.
  • The HUD is amazingly easy and quick to navigate. However I would suggest you take a look at the notecard and read through so you fully know your body before you attempt to play with it. However if unpacking and goofing around is your thing, then go for it. Though if you do get stuck, read the NC before reaching out to their CS. Save them the hassle of having to repeat the instructions they clearly provided you.

Overall, I’m very excited to play with this body further and see what cool shapes and characters I could make with it. I feel like I’m going to be falling back into my psuedo-furry ways and becoming a mouse again very soon….. even if it’s just for a photo here and there.

Thank you Rebirth and Angie Forever for the kindness you’ve shown me through this process. Your body is amazing and I wish you all the luck in your adventures.

On Her:
Body – Rebirth, Eden
Head – LeLutka, River
Hair – Foxy, Echo
Skin – Skinnery, Karima
Bra – Rebirth, Teen Bra
Panties – Rebirth, Girl Panties

On Him:
Body – Rebirth, Eden
Head – Logo, Chase
Hair – Stealthic, Atlas
Skin – Logo, Victor (Pale)
Boxers – Rebirth, Shorty v3

.a s l i n g. Ost Candle Holders
floorplan. let’s kiss wire
Fancy Decor: Blague Bed
Fancy Decor: Blague Bench
Fancy Decor: Blague Endtable